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Where to search for stolen jewelry


A customer had her jewelry stolen in a home break-in. She lost 2
pendants she had purchased from me and wanted photos which I sent
her. This happened to another one of my customers as well not long
ago. The pendants were signed but I haven’t heard of anything being
recovered. The police told them to check Craig’s List. I am wondering
if any of you have any tips of how and where to search for stolen
items and how to publicize the search. These pieces were in the
$300-$500 range but more importantly, they were treasured by my
customers. As for me, I feel a bit like one of my adult children was

Beverly Jones - about to leave for Tucson


Check out pawn shops.,flea markets, ebay and craigs list. Good luck


Of course on line auction sites (eBay) and pawn shops but in the
cash 4 gold businesses so prolific at the moment you may contact eh
major ones and fax them photos of the pieces and give a police report
number (not the report itself as a precaution against internal
thievery). anyway, as I said because so many individuals and
businesses are now buying gold the thieves are likely to be able to
dispose of it rather quickly and out of the town you are in as it
would potentially never appear to expose the theft in the same town!


Beverly- Walk into the local pawn shops with the photos. Also hit
your local buy sell shops as well as any local gold buyers or
refiners. TODAY. Time is of the essence. Things get melted pretty

Gotta do the foot work. Phone calls don’t work. Be willing to offer
to buy back what was stolen.

I have recovered some pieces of mine over the years.

Good luck.
Jo Haemer


Try to encourage your local police dept. to participate thru

LEADS is a website setup for pawn shops, gold buyers, etc… to enter
their daily purchases off the street. Our city tells all to register
our business(free), then list all items purchased within 24 hrs, with
seller ID info. Also allows us to run driver liscence info to see if
someone is listed on a ‘no-buy’ list. Then items from all over USA
are in a database that police depts all over country can check
descriptions, pictures. My city’s ordinace on buying used items off
the street says we are to picture ID, take picture, and fingerprint,
then have info to police dept by noon of following day. This system
was so difficult for merchants to comply, that everyone just didn’t
admit to buying anything. So the police sent letters out telling us
that registering and entering our purchases would be satisfactory
compliance. Recently Mass. St Police called me looking for the owner
of a now defunct jewelry store near mine. He was robbed/badly beaten
while doing a show with memo goods at the Auburn Classic car auction
in Northern Indiana. He lost nearly 1 mil$ uninsured of fine diamond
goods belonging to several diamond jewelry wholesalers. Mass. Police
saw some of the items show up on Leadsonline a yr or so later, traced
where they had come from, found a fair amount, and were attempting to
find the store owner to return some of the goods. Police later called
to say they had infact located him in another state and were making
arrangements to return some of the goods.


When my jewelry was stolen, the police suggested I check local pawn
shops. Thought that was their job! This was about $5k worth, plus
other items, and the burgular was also guilty of assualt on me. Be
glad your client is OK, and that your work is so desirable that
someone would want it so badly. And check the local pawn shops.
Chances are, it was someone she knows. It was in my case.