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Where to put the Acetylene tanks?

MY OPINION - I would never consider bringing a 20 lb propane
storage tank or an acetylene B tank into my home. I believe that
it exposes me and my family to an unacceptable level of risk. A

And finally a bit more opinion. I do all of my soldering in the
garage, with the doors cracked open. I am a hobiest, and have so

OK…I understand your reasoning. Now somebody help me: I live
in Minnesota where the winter temperatures sometimes reach -40.
Our detached garage is not heated, so soldering/brazing out there
is not feasible (can’t imagine soldering with scarves, face mask,
and gloves on!). I’m sure my SO would happily rig some outdoor
storage of my Acetylene B tank, but is it safe to store it and
use it at those temps? Of course, that would mean 10 minutes of
bundling to go out and turn off the tank when I’m not going to
solder for a bit (and unbundling and thawing when I’ve moved
snow and ice to get to the tank, turned it on or off, etc.).
Granted, the safety of the house and people therein is important,
but is there a better way for me to store the tank? As it is,
it’s bungeed to my jeweler’s bench in a basement room (about
12x20). I have both smoke detectors and CO detectors on the same



I have been watching this acetylene and propane tank thread for
awhile. I know that where I live the fire dept. has no reg.
against having eather of these tanks in a home or business. They
do require you to meet a number of regs. to do so in a business.
I have both in my home and don’t feel a big threat. I have had a
problem with a propane tank in the winter being over filled
because of low temp. I took it outside and vented some of the

I took a welding class many years ago. They taught us to check
the tanks and gauges and hoses every time we moved a fitting. I
got used to useing a soft brush and soapy water every time I
changed tanks. I checked every fitting every time. I have never
had an accident. They are very dangerous and must be treated with

It might be a good idea to go to the local collage or high
school and ask the shop instructor what he recomends. That’s all