Where to purchase Diamonds and other Stones Wholesale

I would love to know where everyone purchases their Diamonds and other types of high quality faceted stones. I am getting into this new business and am having a hard time understanding where to get my stones that I need to purchase for clients jobs at wholesale prices. I of course can purchase through Stuller but their prices were out of what I would consider wholesale or even close to being a deal for us Jewellers. I do not mean to make that sound bad but I was really turned off by their prices. I have found stones of the same or better quality for half the price. Please let me know where some of you find your stones. Thanks so much everyone. I would love to see pictures of your stones you got good deals on too to make this fun if you can share. Cheers everyone and I hope you all are safe right now from this Virus.


Major Source for diamonds and colour stone for the jewellers around the world has been India. Diamonds from Mumbai and Surat. Coloured Gemstone from Jaipur. For the treated sapphire and some high end gemstones, Thailand is also a good option. What do you need in particular?

Hello Michael,

We are well aware of the trouble cost can have in providing high quality jewelry for customers. I have attached a couple photos for you to view that are offered on our website cascadejewels.com On our website, please check the “Special Requests” tab and we will be able to quote you diamond prices based on the size, color, clarity that you’re looking for.


Thanks so much, I have found some great sellers in Thailand for Spinels and that took a while. I was hoping there was a list of sellers that Jewellers had put together that we all shared Like website links. I have not seen anything like this yet. I will continue to dig and make a list and when I do I will share it and not be greedy. I am almost wondering if this is the case where it takes so long to find these contacts that when you do you do not want to share. I do not want to be like that so I will continue my list and when I feel I have a few great contacts I will start to share them. Hopefully that will get others to do the same thing.


The biggest show of the year is in Tucson AZ in the USA. Their is a show guide published to go along with it. Its put out by Lapidary Journal. It will list hundreds of world wide gem wholesalers.

You might try contacting Spectral, Inc Roger.dery at cs dot com. He gets his gems from the miners and cuts them himself.

Thanks so much I will do that for sure. This was very helpful, thank you.

Thanks so much I will look into this for sure.

I have a few pink tourmaline and sapphires for sale and will have more green and blue tourmaline, aqua and garnet in a few weeks. I source rough from Africa and Pakistan and cut myself or have it cut by custom cutters to my original designs optimized for light performance. I can cut to order if we have the rough on hand or can source it through our suppliers. I’m a beginner in silver and gold work, but I’ve been cutting seriously since 1996. Get with me at rkerseyATtdsDOTnet -royjohn

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TucsonShowGuide.com. is the link I got in the mail today. Because of covid, they are not doing a printed version. This coming year it will be free online at that link. It will have listings from all over the world.

I like free.


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