Where to look for used equipment?

I have become obsessed withering metal jewelry - but really beaded.
I bought a dapping set, some small pieces of of various metal in
differing gauges, a few needle nose tips, a texturizing hammer with
9 interchangeable heads but, obviously, three are a lot of things
that I am needed to get going - and my budget, after going through
two back surgeries this year is extremely limited.

Does anyone know a place that I might be able to look for used tools
to buy? My wish list of expensive items include a rolling mill, a
compact torch like the Smith Tag A Long and a bench vise. There may
be better torch options that I am not aware of. I had hoped a
Benzomatic might work…but now I worry it may not produce enough
heat. I am also looking for metal decorative stamping tools.

If anyone has any suggestions for where I can look for some of these
tinges I woud be most grateful

Thanks so much !!
Marie Z. Johansen

Try ; http://www.silversupplies.com they get used equipment in all the
time, talk to Shawna,

Sam Patania

I’ve had very good success on Ebay.

Over time, I’ve found a rolling mill, a vacuum/investment table,
engraving tool set, pottery kiln and wheel, etc.

The key phrase is “over time”.

You just have to look twice a week until you get lucky.

It took me 9 months before I found the pottery kiln/wheel close
enough to drive over and get it, but I only paid $800 for $3000 worth
of gear, in basically brand-new condition, too. J

Big flea markets sometimes work. The other thing to do is identify
jewelers in your area and make friends with them - which is a good
thing to do anyway. Eventually, they’ll retire or upgrade their

Good hunting!

Hi Guys,

Second hand Jeweller’s items are as rare as hens teeth in Australia,
and when they do come up they are snapped up really quickly, and in
some cases very close to the retail price of a new item… plus

From Ebay, I managed to get a small furnace… not directly, but I
saw it on the sellers shelf and made an offer when I went to pick up
my auction win. I got a Kerr spin caster for $120… plus postage.

A lot of stuff I have bought, or made. Seen the price of a rolling
mill lately(?)… I’m thinking of making one similar to an English
wheel… with a few modifications for precision.

Regards Charles A.