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Where to look for jewelry jobs?

Hello everyone. I’ve been out of the loop for a while, and I’m
curious…does anyone know websites or other places to look for
considering employment in the jewelry field? I don’t know where to
look for current jobs relating to jewelry, as I have been out of the
field for a few years now, but I was formerly a designer/wax-maker
and mold cutter, as well as a few years of retail work.

Since I am moving to a larger city (Pittsburgh) in a few months, I
was contemplating getting back into the jewelry industry in some way
or another. If anyone can give me tips or reliable websites to try,
I’d appreciate suggestions! :slight_smile:


GIA has on jobs:

Mrs. Terry Binnion

Marcy- The beauty of jewelry is that the proof is in the hands of
the craftsman. Take some samples of your work around to all of the
jewelry shops you can visit. If it’s good, they’ll hire you.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer I just have one word in a search agent on that site,
“jeweler” and that brings back any result for jobs with the word
"jeweler" found in it including any that aren’t actually jeweler jobs
but perhaps the listing mentions in it’s directions that the job
listed is NEAR “YXZ Jewelers” for example!

I am replying to this from my hotel. I am currently interviewing for
one of the jobs found through

Happy Job Hunting!!

I’ve started seeing more (jewelers) jobs posted on craigslist. Also
try (disclaimer, their listings can be dated).

Pittsburg looks pretty dead right now on both sites, except for the
ubiquitous Sterling listings.

Fast Fix has 3 stores in PA.

Those are all great ideas, thanks! I think I’ll have to make some
new wax samples, though, I feel like I can probably do much better
than what I was producing a few years ago. :slight_smile: Haven’t been doing
jewelry, but I did keep sculpting, so it’s a pretty similar skill

Thanks so much for the help, everyone and I’m keeping my fingers
crossed. :smiley: