Where to get a Diamond re-cut

I’m finally ready to have my grandmother’s ring re-cut. It’s a 2+
carat solitaire with two baguettes. The diamond has a low table with
a chip just below the girdle at a corner of a pavilion. I was told
that if undamaged, it would be worth a nice penny but because of the
chip, it’s considerably less.

I was also told that by getting it re-cut, I’d increase the value.

What I need to know is how much it should cost me to re-cut and how
do I find someone trustworthy to do it? I know there’s always a risk
in having this done but I’m wiling to take it if it doesn’t cost too
much. Having been unemployed for the past 5 years, not being able to
get a job, losing my house, disabled and too young for social
security, my savings has almost bottomed out and I could use the
money by selling the ring. Since I want to get the most for it, that
means re-cutting.

Any advice?

Michele, in sunny, warm South Florida where The Weather Channel is our

The only faceter I know who does diamond repair is

Al Balmer
Pine City, NY

Hello Michele,

I could do either for you, buy as is or recut it. Need referencese I
cansend you many.

Roger D Flanders

  1. if you are disabled you aren’t too young to collect social
    security disability insurance provided you have worked enough
    quarters (i think its 23 or 24) to be eligible. the process is
    daunting at least and its helpful from the beginning to get a lawyer-
    it seems successful determinations are linked with the disability
    lawyer game- having cancer and a couple of other illnesses make it
    possible though to skip the hassle of the process most applicants go
    through with 2 appeals then a successful determination, unless you
    are working with a social worker in a hospital and have a terminal
    illness which is then expedited. but back to stone recutting- there
    are services in Thailand that do a great job - one factory is Swiss
    owned and the turn around time is about three weeks for a simple
    round brilliant cut. In the states, or where ever you may be, look
    for local lapidary/rockhound clubs many are listed on the AFMS home
    page and list by region clubs and sometimes the facilities they have.
    these clubs are often filled with many lapidaries that have years of
    experience cutting stones both as a hobby and for a little extra
    money- there may be one in your area and I would go with experience
    over a subcontractor gotten through a retail jewellery store any day.
    they send it out to a person or company the worker at the counter
    rarely knows personally so it’s luck of the draw with who gets your
    piece and who actually does the cutting- with a gem and mineral
    society club you can meet the person(usually) and see his or her work
    firsthand, and explain what you want done, get a reasonable price and
    sign some agreement as to the specifications you want, what they will
    do for x amount of money and a promise date. If the stone is a high
    quality diamond (VVS or VS, if not flawless) you should have little
    to worry about as regards fracturing the stone or an inclusion
    presenting any problem, but the person doing the cutting should
    advise you on what he or she sees in the loupe or under the
    microscope. If it were an emerald, or sapphire- really any precious
    gemstone there may be flaws(particularly with emeralds) that you
    would have to release the person from liability for if anything
    should happen in recutting as some stones are filled, oiled, etc. to
    hide or attempt to perfect stones that are not perfect but have
    redeeming qualities nonetheless, and that warrant cutting or, rather
    re-cutting. Even the most diligent lapidary cannot know all the
    problems hidden by resin filling, dyeing or other treatments a stone
    has been subjected to before it is fastened to the dop. so with all
    that in mind, try to find a local person in your area of some
    experience before surrendering a sentimentally valued stone to a
    stranger at a retail vendor because you may think that your only
    option. If you cannot find any local person to do the job, then write
    again (feel free to contact me off list after Tuesday and I will find
    the contact for the business in Thailand that I have used
    before. One thing about using the Thai service, I have always sent
    every chipped and flawed or large stone I want modified in one order
    as it winds up being cheaper to do it that way. The average cost of
    recutting any material that is hard (7 or more on the Moh’s scale)
    has run around 12-20 US dollars per piece, though I have sent some
    rough semi-precious material for first cutting and paid less than 6
    dollars per piece for a shape and cut I specified, none of which were
    round brilliants, but, if I recall, trillions, kite cuts, asscher and
    radiant cut stones were the bulk of the specs. I did have some round
    brilliant stones of assorted materials recut from large parcels of
    assorted stones that were 'seconds" done years ago, at that time each
    piece averaged about 3 dollars finished I would bet its a bit higher
    now and only a few stones were diamonds. Sometimes stones don’t have
    to be recut per se, but lapped to smooth out flaws or small chips -
    the rate for repolishing is lower than fully cutting as different
    equipment is used and its a far faster proposition than standard
    meet-point cutting. let me know if you don’t find anyone local and
    need that thai Oh, make sure you have a signed agreement
    with whomever does the job, and if you send it off check on the
    insurance the company has in case they damage or destroy your stone
    and get something faxed to you (much like a proof you would sign when
    approving a printing job but detailing what service(s) will be
    provided in what time frame for what agreed upon price and what
    contingency plan is available should the stone become damaged
    further while in their stewardship and what their liability entails
    as far as replacement, etc. if it is lost or damaged, once they have
    signed for the safe delivery of your item(s) as described in the

Stuller has an excellent diamond guy who can do it.

Paf Dvorak


we have been cutting diamonds for many years can give u references if
u like


If you need diamonds recut or repaired. try Karl at Stuller ext
2827. He will send up you a repair cost sheet

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

Thank you all for your responses but I’m still not sure what to do
with it.

I’m not sure I want to sent it to Thailand and would prefer to find
someone onlist. I trust you guys. :slight_smile:

Roger, Isaac, can you please email me offlist and let me know how
much it would cost, where you’re located and any other info I may
need to make a decision. I would want to Diamond re-cut and possibly
reset into the ring.

I’m going to be getting the Diamond “officially” appraised this week
to find out exactly what I’ve got before sending it off to anyone.