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Where to buy fine Tanzanite?

I am making a small collection of fine handmade Tanzanite rings (mostly bezels because of Tanzanite’s softness). I need to purchase a selection of very deep blue stones for these but I really don’t know where to get them. An online search reveals alot of options but it is so hard to judge quality on a screen. One company that has videos is Lapigems - does anyone know if they are reputable?

Dikra Gem @dikragem1 and Shanu Gem @shanugmar are both supporters of Orchid/Ganoksin, and both deal in fine goods.

Hi, Nicola

We’ve a wide selection. Contact me off-line if I can assist you.

Kind regards,

Mary Stachura


The AGTA American Gem Trade Association puts out a book of all their members, what they sell along with all important information about each vendor. If you are not a member or listed with JBT or Dunn and Bradstreet then you may have to pay with a credit card in advance. But you will find dozens of vendors that sell tanzanite and some that specialize in it. If you really want to get to know these people and earn their trust along with finding the best prices on colored stones then you need to spend the time and money to attend the Tucson gem show in February. You better call for a room now if you want to go. Hotels rooms become scarce and expensive.

I should have mentioned @Stachura as well, of course!

I have always been very pleased with what I’ve bought from @Stachura. Their quality is great, NB as is their customer service.

Laura S-A