Where is the best place to buy gold and silver

Good Afternoon,

How do you all get the best deal on silver and gold for Jewelry.

The only way I ever got a great deal on precious metal was to purchase in quantity. Buying an ounce or two of silver will always be more expensive than springing for 50 toz. Gold the same - Dont forget to include the cost of shipping in your cost for the metal.
Judy H


I buy most all of my casting “A” scrap, wire and sheet from Native Jewelry Supply in Gallup NM. They are on Etsy and I’ve been buying from them for about two years now. I’m more of a hobbyist so I don’t buy in lg quantities. They don’t carry everything I use so I’m forced to go the RG route often. RG is great but the $250 spend before free shipping is a bummer. I think it’s $75 with NJS, and NJS ships fast, and communicates really well. I’ve always received great customer service from them and their silver prices are never more than what RG charges.

I suggest talking to local supply houses. In oregon a respected local supply business recommended a local coin shop for casting grain. Fair markups. Usually the big players have the better deals but in some cases its worth doing the leg work in your own town.

I have bought silver and gold from a number of places over the years. If all that you are looking for is price, that’s easy. Follow the spot and, when it is low, buy from the lowest priced source. You will find them all to be similar in price. I have learned that, for me, there is more to consider. Do they allow me to register for an account and buy sales tax free? Do they have the dimensional pieces that I want? What is their delivery time and cost? Can I buy coiled stock? This was a problem years ago with one supplier and they actually charged more if the stock was coiled than if it was straightened and cut into 1’ lengths. How is it packaged? Can you return material? Do they take scrap and how do they pay for it. In the end, price is the determining factor, but look beyond price too…Rob


Thank you all for your response.

Much to consider.