Where is Alpha Supply?

Am wondering if anybody knows what happened to Alpha Supply. Had
heard they’d moved to Lynnwood WA from Bremerton so I drove down
there from Bellingham two weeks ago to look at something out of their
catalog and a sign in the window said ‘closed for inventory.’

As of today, their website is still down, phone numbers
disconnected…as is the store I’d heard that recently purchased them
in Seattle—Jewelers Resource Supply.

They were a good resource for this area. Anybody know what’s going
on with them?

Liane Redpath Worlund

You are correct that JRS bought Alpha, and then JRS moved from
Fremont to Lynnwood. I’m hoping the current situation is a temporary
thing, or a terrible misunderstanding, because they really are a good
resource for the area. Great people, excellent classes at reasonable
prices, and prices that are reasonably competitive (especially given
that if you go to the store, you don’t pay shipping).

I went to the Lynnwood location a week and a half ago, and the door
was padlocked, with a 3-day notice to vacate posted. :frowning:

I’ve heard that Alpha Supply/Jewelry Resource are out of business. I
haven’t heard about any plans to reopen. Don’t know any specifics at
all, but I, too, am disappointed. They’ll be missed.

I live in the Seattle area and was told they went out of business.