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Where do you find gem suppliers?

Hi, I’m new here. Sorry if this is wrong category.
I am just curious where do you find good gem suppliers?
Is there such an online market where I could buy unique rare semi-precious gems? I noticed that it’s find to find uniquely cut gems, unusual shapes and sizes.
Where do you buy your gems? Do you only buy wholesale or individual too?
I keep seeing the same looking gems. Yet some jewelry makers sell pieces that have uniquely cut gems.

Rare? Unique? The first places that come to mind are the Quartzite and Tucson gem shows. Just Google those names and you will find sources for tons of information on these two shows. They are both wholesale and retail. Put your bargaining hat on !
Jerry in Kodiak

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Much closer is Stachura, an Orchid member, located in Uxbridge, MA.
Great selection, great service. Ask for Mary.

Joseph Stachura Co Inc.
435 Quaker HWY
Uxbridge, MA 01569

Best, MA

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If your looking for uniques gemstones , one of a kind, well cut , unusual shapes, many shapes and many stones that Stachura does not have nor others- what we call designer stones try Dikra Gem Inc on 45th street, New York NY

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There are excellent gem dealers right here - working day in and day out in the industry. House of Color (HOC) in NYC and Mayer & Watt in Maysville KY.
I would mention that these are companies that stand behind their stones; have all price ranges; are well established and really know their merchandise. I am a big believer in supporting companies and people who represent qualities I respect; knowledge, fairness and consideration.
I use HOC and Mayer & Watt exclusively for colored gems.
Tony at HOC has even helped when I needed E/F VVS small emerald cut diamonds. He is one of the most considerate helpful people I know.
Mayer & Watt have a website so you can see a portion of their inventory and their credentials. They are an encyclopedia of stone knowledge and they get the most amazing/unusual stones (in addition to the usual selections).
I am not sure if I can post phone numbers or not but if you want their phone numbers, let me know. If you do reach out to them, please tell them Cameron sent you.

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K+K International 800 922 9838
Box 8172 Falls Church Va 22042
The finest rarest stones I’ve ever seen.

Look for local gem and mineral clubs. You may find a cutter there who can help you out. Better yet, learn to cut and polish yourself. Then you can go to a show a buy that special piece of rough and turn into whatever shape you want. It’s also a lot of fun.

Greg Graupp, out of Lebanon PA, is the second generation of a lapidary that I used to see at gem shows. He does beautiful work, but he now sells pretty exclusively on Etsy. He is at

Janet Kofoed

Get your hands on an AGTA source book and you will have descriptions and phone numbers of hundreds of stone dealers and what they specialize in.

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Happy Holidays you can always contact Ashley Corley at ext 6572. She runs the Gemstone department at Stuller. Super lady and super selection

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.
P 1-800-877-7777 ext 4191 or 4194

Our Business Directory lists gem dealers who support Ganoksin/Orchid. @Stachura, @shanugmar, @dikragem1, @RioGrande, and @StullerInc all offer gems.

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Try, lot of the usual but has some unusual cuts and types as well. Well trusted supplier. Individual or wholesale.

The phone numbers for Tony at House of Colors are: Office number
Toll free #

It is always a shame to risk excluding resources rather than sharing them.

A number of good suggestions above. If you really want to learn about gems, Tucson is by far your best bet. Of course the fact that it is sunny and 70F while the wind blows and the snow falls here in Massachusetts is part of the incentive to go.

On my first trip to Tucson, I was overwhelmed by the dozens and dozens of jewelers selling stones . I came to the conclusion that
if a recommendation of a trusted colleague was available I would buy in Tucson. I was able to get a few recommendation, Ask the
trusted jewelers/makers you know on Orchid.

Best, MA


Tucson can indeed be overwhelming. If you are concerned about ethical suppliers you could stick to AGTA and GJX. My approach is to focus on a given gem, say blue sapphire, put on blinders and focus. Ask questions, if you don’t like the answer from one dealer, ask another and keep asking.


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