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Where can I send my scrap silver?


Hi, I have a LOT of scrap silver that needs to be recycled. Anyone
know of a place that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and that can
send me back my silver in nice neat sheets?

Kelly Jenkins


Kelly, The best place to send your silver for refining will depend on
how much silver you have;, and just about any other company from which
you can buy silver sheet and wire will be happy to take your silver
for refining. Most have minimum refining fees that would cover
several pounds of silver and, if you only had a pound or two, the
fee would gobble up most or all of your proceeds. If you do have
many pounds of silver, these will give you the highest dollar return
on the silver you send. On the other hand, if you have a smaller
amount of silver, Rio Grande has no minimum refining fee but returns
a smaller percentage of the value of the silver. They will send you
a check with the proceeds or give you a credit on your account with
them for a slightly larger dollar amount. You can then spend the
dollars or credit for nice neat sheets of silver.

Linda in MA, where we saw the sun for an entire day yesterday!