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Where can I buy an Archimedean drill?

Hello All,

About two years ago I had an opportunity to use an Archimedean drill
during a workshop. For those who are wondering what type of drill it
is, you can see a picture of one on page 41 of “Practical jewelry
making” by Loosli, Merz, Schaffner, 1982 or page 10 of “Practical
Enamelling and Jewelry Work”, by Brian Newble, 1967.

After about an hour’s learning how to use it, it became a very
practical tool. The drill works slowly and gently, and you only need
one had to use it; the other can be used to support the object to be
pierced. Further you aren’t constrained by the cable as you are with a
motorised flexible shaft.

I live on Vancouver Island and so would prefer a Canadian outlet; the
excise tax or whatever name it goes by now just kills me.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

David in Victoria, BC where it’s still sunny :slight_smile:

Try calling Bruce MacLellan at Mountain Gems in Burnaby. He may be
able to help. 1-888-593-1888 And as far as being blasted by the
"Art Teacher" - everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how
idiotic it may seem. If you enjoy doing what you’re doing, and other
people enjoy it (even though they aren’t “trained”), then just keep
doing what makes you happy. If all artists were "formally trained"
the art galleries of the world would be pretty empty and/or boring.

Barrie in Aldergrove, BC