Where are the good jewelry programs?

Hello I am a young student seeking a good jewelry program. I am not
too concerned about getting a degree, just picking up the skills
that I need to make my dreams into reality. I want to focus on rings,
bracelets, and necklaces using materials such as gold, silver,
platinum etc. as well as incorporating So basically I
want to learn about the construction, design, stone setting, casting
and using CAD to create wax molds. In the end, I want to take a
design from my head, to the computer, and create it in real life.

In my search for universities/schools/programs, I cannot seem to
find one that fits all of my needs. I would prefer not to go to a
private school as they are outrageously expensive.

I would love to study in Colorado, or maybe California, as well as
international schools anywhere in Europe as long as they are offered
in English. However, the location is really not as important to me as
finding a good program without an insanely high price.

Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe hear of or know someone who
attend a jewelers program?

Thanks in advance.

No one school is likely to give you everything you want. For starters
look on the web at :

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco
Penland School of Craft
Savannah College of Art and Design
Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft, Gatlinbrg, TN
San Francisco Art Institute

Good Luck,

Get a job in an entry level position at a working jewelry store.
Learn to make jewelry.

Benjamin- Given your desired goals, I’d recommend that you skip
school altogether. Go straight to work in a busy street shop. Your
life will suck for a year or two. Then you’ll get the hang of it.
You will learn much much more there than in a school. You’ll probably
start out polishing and sweeping floors, then as your boss and
foreman develop confidence in you and you develop skills they’ll
give you harder and harder stuff to work on. You will see something
new every day. You will be much better prepared to make a living as a
jeweler and designer. The plus is that you won’t have tens of
thousands of dollars in school debt. You will however spend a bunch
of money on tools.

The bottom line is that it takes at least five years to learn all of
the basics and another five to master them. Then you can start to
really design stuff that will work and last a lifetime or two.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer


Go for broke and get a GG while you’re there. I would have gone that
route, if it had existed when I started.

Old jeweler

A very good school for novices to learn how to create jewelry and
also learn lapidary is at Modesto Jr. College in Modesto, Calif.

I took classes for 8 semesters for my jewelry knowledge and 8
semesters of lapidary.

The classes were/are sponsored by the Mother Lode Mineral Society.

The Mother lode Mineral Society, hold a show the second weekend of
March. Veva Bailey

If you’re in Australia :- http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/p

Regards Charles A.
P.S. It may not have everything, but it a very good start :wink:


my name is Stelios and I come from Greece.I made a search for these
programms the other day and I have to say that the perfect programm
which includes everything does not exist yet. So you have to choose
of the better solution.“MATRIX 6.0” is a very good solution, easy to
work and in logical price. “RHINOCEROS 4.0 EVALUATION” is very cheap
(I think less than 900$) but it’s a little bit difficult to use but
according to my opinion the best of all is “TYPE 3D” from
http://www.vision numeric.com. It’s price is about 6.500 and it comes
from France.You can find all them searching on google. Notice that
none is absolutely closed to bench working.