When will John Cogswell be in NYC teaching?

Hello my name is Sabra i’m a novice. While i’ve gotten my hands wet
with precious metal clay & mini - kitchen torches, i’m want more now.
I am building my work bench which will be delivered this week, i
have my clamps and bench pins i’ll be calling Ms. Wolf for
on lathes to carve wax, and i’ve purchased a small
enameling kiln and a dremel 398 / 225 digital rotary & flexshaft.
along with carving tools, i’ve made photopolymer plates, i greatly
respect the use of precious metal clay. To become a silversmith
would help me in the long run re-create myself. I don’t have many
options as a civil servant - near retirement age i need a career
that i can love and will pay me in the long run helping me gain
income in later years after i leave my present J.O.B.

i’ve sent along questions & aquired the “Complete Metalsmith” Tim
McCreight is a fine human being period a great encouragement to me &
novices everywhere he’s just a groovy dude.

my passion is making silver/gold/mokume gane to match my textiles -
just= marketing something creatively different, i have some
beautiful textile= designs i silkscreened and silk painted and to
have a handbag with matching earrings will give me the niche i’m
looking for because the jewlery market is saturated with HIGHLY
GIFTED talented people. I would love to learn how to make lockets -
different tongue and grove fasteners, jewelry locks, latches etc., i
also want to learn to make beads toset stones, locket rings, earrings
and jewelry that have dual purposes e.g., “Old school” spinner rings.
I have found the jewelry community to be very knowledgable &
passionate as well as helpful & compassionate. Kudos to Bianca Lopez
and Kristin Hansen i hope to take classes with them soon enough to
start with. I love the Liloeve teaching community they are bri= ght
stars in the New York City teaching arena. i know it will take a
while and probably cost alot but i’m finally ready. I’m having two
surgeries this year. I won’t let illness stop me either i will be
taking a class at the least.

my question today is this: Mr. Cogswell i don’t know what the 92nd
street YMCA did to lose you but i think they screwed up big time.
i’m landbound since i don’t have a vehicle & would be honored if i
could find a way to attend your classes on stonesetting & making
fasteners, also doing mokume- gane… when will you be teaching in NYC
if ever. Mr. Cogswell if they burned you in NYC please don’t take it
out on us needy students. We need your genius thanks for reading.



I love your enthusiasm! A small suggestion- google John Cogswell
workshops to see when and where his workshops are. You amy be able to
find contact info when you look.

Lynn Ballinger

Sabra, Lynn, and others:

John Cogswell is currently teaching a course for the Florida Society
of Goldsmiths at a retreat in western North Carolina. He has asked me
to pass on the following

John reports that he taught a course in NYC earlier this year and
will not be teaching there until next spring. He also asked me to
pass on his email address so you can inquire directly about next
year’s workshop schedule: John Cogswell [entdolf at aol dot com]

Fred Sias

Just to let you know, John Cogswell will be teaching in Daytona Beach
in January, 2010 at the Florida Society of Goldsmiths Winter
Workshop, Jan 2 - 7. He will be teaching one class in forging and
fold forming and one in filigree. Other instructors are Andy
Cooperman, Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez, Bill Fretz, and Marilynn

Complete details are on the FSG-Northeast Chapter website: fsgne.com

Karen Tweedie