When good aqua chalcedony goes bad

Hello Orchidland.

I have used a few aqua chalcedonies, some even in my own personal
jewelry and I have never had a problem. (Although I have heard
stories. :o) ) I know these stones are dyed and the worst I expected
was fading due to bright light. Recently a ring was returned to me
and the stone has changed from a very pretty aqua blue to a gray with
dark purple banding. Can anyone tell me what has probably happened?
Would a dark gray be the original color of the stone that was dyed? I
guess I was thinking the stones would have to be lighter to be dyed a
light aqua color.

I know this is the risk you take when using dyed stones, which I
don’t use a lot of, but I am wondering what the cause could be.

Any light that can be shed on this would be appreciated!

Linda Blumel

Hi Linda,

My gut is telling me that the ring was worn in a harsh liquid of
some sort and the chemicals reacted leaching out the colour. The only
chalcedony jewellery I have are earrings, so no problems. I wish I
could answer your question about the dye colouring over a darker
colour, but I’ll let others with more experience with dyed stones
answer that one.