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When do you stop working


Alan, I agree with you, when I’m at the bench, I start cranking about
9:00 and can go till 3 am. I usually stop because I haven’t had
anything to eat since dinner at 7pm! My guess is because the wife
and baby are asleep, no phone ringing, nothing good on TV, and the
whole house is quiet and I can zone in on my work. As for when to
stop, if I’m carving a wax, I don’t ever get "finished’ with it, I
just get tired of looking at the same piece for that long. And when
your charging by the hour… Same goes for bright cutting or detail
polishing. There’s always something that you can make look just a
little bit better. I’ve noticed the same in jewelry photos. My
guess is because if you see a half page ad with a ring in it that
fills the frame, theoretically that ring is magnified about 30
times! I’s like looking under a gem scope at the little things that
are wrong. Now if the photographer wanted to be generous with
making the photo look better, he could touch it up like the women on
the front of a Cosmo magazine. Adobe Photoshop works wonders for

Travis Duggan
Placitas, NM