When cultured conch pearls will hit the market?

Has anyone heard when cultured conch pearls will hit the market?

In 2009 scientists successfully cultured over 200 conch pearls. The
Queen Conch is badly over fished in the wild and the new popularity
of conch pearls have increased prices over the last decade or so it
seems. I was just reading about how after 1910 they had very little
value then they got “hot” again.

It’s now been 5 or 6 years so I was wondering does anyone know if
any companies have bought the patent from Florida Atlantic
University? It would be great.

While we are on the subject, I recommend the book “The Great Pearl

I’m sure everyone here knows more about pearls than I do but I find
it very fascinating that pearls used to be incredibly valuable before
they could be cultured. I don’t think the common every day person
knows this.

Reading the Great Pearl Heist which is about a true story concerning
a very wealthy burglar who stole things just for the fun of it in
England back when pearls were insanely expensive is very entertaining
and an excellent look at historical perspective. Someone needs to
make a movie about “The Great Pearl Heist”. It’s beyond amazing.