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When and how to leave?

We’re a new business (started just this year) that is working out of
our home. It was suggested that we try different venues to see what
would work for selling our jewellery. To date we have done a craft
fair put on by the local arts guild and a local music festival, where
(we felt) we did quite well. We have also put our wares in several
stores that are both local and in other cities, So far these haven’t
done as well as we hoped (to date a total of 5 items).

We have tried to work with the store owners to ensure that we tailor
our jewellery to their clients. We also have maintained good
relations with each store. We are aware that we are probably coming
up to the prime selling time (Christmas), yet we are wondering if
sells to date are a good indication of what to expect in the future
at these stores. At the craft fair and music festival we paid
attention to who was buying our jewellery and doing a lot of market
research. We found that some of the stores do not cater to what we
see as our demographics.

So we wonder, should we leave things as is? Or pull out of some of
the stores? And if so how should we go about it? Also should we seek
out stores that cater to who we see as are clients?


Chris and Kate
Northern Lights Designs

If your work is on Consignment, you own it, you can pull it at any
time (unless your contract states otherwise.