Whats the right kiln to buy?

I was wondering what kiln I should buy. I want to get one for
enameling, annealing, wax burnout, and especially mokume gane. I was
looking at paragon SC2. It reaches 2000 degrees. Is that hot enough
to fuse most metal combinations? Any advice would help.



The paragon SC2 is an excellent all purpose kiln and should meet
your needs. 2000 degrees should be plenty.

However there is something that you might want to consider. The
interior is lined with ceramic fiber. You might want to consider one
of the Paragon kilns that has a brick interior.

The advantage of the brick is that if the element ever needs
changing it is easy to do. Not so with the ceramic fiber as the coils
are imbedded in it. However, the disadvantage of the brick lined ones
is that they are much heavier, and if portability is desired then by
all means the ceramic fiber lined ones will meet your needs.

Paragon makes excellent kilns, and they offer wonderful technical

I got the Express E-12 T which is larger than the SC2, but I needed
the extra height.

Usual disclaimers, just a pleased customer.