?What's in the FAQ?

" What’s in the Orchid FAQ? I see “FAQ Compiled and Maintained
by: Eve Wallace <@eve_wallace1>” at the bottom of each message,
but I can’t find any copies of it anywhere (please let me know
where I can find it if I’m just blind!)

I know it's not strictly about Orchid or jewelry per se, but a
"down and dirty" guide for jewelers finding on the net
might be helpful. What I'm envisioning is a quick guide on other
resources, i.e. how to use them."

heh heh a wonderful project. perhaps you would like to organise
it:) the FAQ covers the mailing list basics - who, what and
where is Orchid, how does one subscribe, how does one post,
please don’t send attachments, no we don’t provide a list of
members etc etc.

as far as an expanded guide…its an interesting idea. the
main question of course is how to keep with a rate of change on
the web that reminds me of cellular activity. the other
question is how to assimilate all that info. everybody’s needs
are very specific…i must say that the most flexible and
responsive format so far, IMHO is a list such as Orchid or
rec.craft.jewelry where one can tap the collective experience.
Charles Lewton-Brain’s list of useful links is the next place,
for references to things one wants to know, and pointers to
issues you never thought of dealing with. at that point, one is
up against the “only 24 hours in the day” problem. the only way
to solve that is longevity…keep working and learning. again,
just MHO. eve wallace @eve_wallace1