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What's a sparkie?

I find that a number of people have reactions to soldered posts.

Therefore we use a Sparkie to attach posts. There’s no heat or flame
involved. Also, no reaction to solder impurities either.

Okay, I’ll bite, what is a “sparkie”, I would love another way to
attach posts that doesn’t require soldering.

Okay, I'll bite, what is a "sparkie", I would love another way to
attach posts that doesn't require soldering. 

Google the word “Sparkie” and you will find it. This is the very top
listing, and it is what we are talking about. It is the Sparkie
Fusion Welder.

Results 1 - 10 of about 208,000 for Sparkie. (0.18 seconds) Reactive
Metals Studio Catalog - Sparkie Fusion Welder Now this technology is
available in a simple machine that is inexpensive to own and operate.
SPARKIE welders require only standard 110 VAC (foreign models…

M’lou Brubaker’louBrubaker

Ahhh yes, Sparkie has not been heard from much of late. If you are
going to SNAG this year we will be demonstrating again. You’ll here
the snap of the welder in the suppliers room. There are two Sparkie
welders. The original Sparkie was found to be under powered and
limited to ear posts and tie tacks. The Sparkie II has gone through a
couple of model changes but remained pretty much the same for some
years now. The newest model is the “Millennium”. It is simply a
capacitive discharge welder. The welder contains two large
capacitors. A capacitor is like a battery except that it releases
all of its stored energy in a single burst. The fusion finding it
loaded into a collet which is one side of the circuit. Each fusion
finding has a small nib forged into it base. It looks like a
miniature nipple. The jewelry piece is held up against a jig which is
the other side of the circuit. The spring loaded collet is released
and the finding strikes the piece. At the instant that the nib hits
the piece the stored energy is released through it. It explodes.
driving the atmosphere away and allowing the metals to melt together
in a momentary vacuum. It all takes about as long as took to type
that last period. There is little clean up and the finding is not
annealed. There is a short learning curve to the machine. It is
especially good for small production runs and repairs. And of course,
the Titanium ear post and clutch can be welded to most other metals.
If you want more please contact us off line. Bill


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