What you need to know to be a Digital Jeweler?

Hi all the CAD and RP experts out there,

I am looking at creating a curriculum for what I am calling ‘digital
object maker’, and for us, ‘digital jeweler’.

Could you please tell us what you think it is absolutely necessary
to know if you are going to get a job in this field, creating jewelry
on a computer and then having it made?

As well, what you think it takes to be able to compete against
cheaper labour and outsourcing of this work?

(I think the answer may be tied to geography, that is for much
wedding and commissioned work you still need to look into the eyes of
the client for best results in terms of jewelry’s other

What are the essentials to get a job and to hold one in industry,
for jewelry stores, or to set up on your own as a freelance digital
jewelry modelmaker, sending items out for rapid prototyping or doing
it yourself?

What skills and abilities do you need? And in what order or sequence
of learning?

At my end I would have about 6 courses to dedicate to this, and need
to decide what they should attempt to cover.

I, and no doubt others on orchid would appreciate your shared wisdom
on this. Thankyou in advance.