What wax are we looking for?

Hi all you great people!!!

A question for you all. A few years ago, some fellow on Orchid was
gracious enough to send my wife, Cynthia Thomas, some purplish,
hard, “dental inlay wax”. I have a job for a new client that may
turn out to be a fair amount of work, more molds, if I can pull this
one off. It is some interior heater control trim for some old car.
Originally it was cast in ?, copper plated and chromed. There are
"rust pits" on the pieces, the corrosion has gone thru the chrome,
the copper and into the base metal, making small most all less than
1/8" in any direction, and I need to fill these before making a
production mold. I have “polished” the surfaces to get any raised
corrosion spots leveled, now I need to fill the pits. We have 2
small sticks of this wax, we tired it and it seems like it would
absolutely do the trick. Problem is, we only have 2 small pieces and
I will most likely use them up on this one job.

This was give to Cynthia as a replacement for Pecks Purple. It is
nice and hard, will stick into the voids and cleanly carves off with
a surgical blade. Is the kind fellow who originally sent it
listening or does anyone on the list have an idea what it really is
and where we can get some or what other wax is available that we
might get???

As usual, I/we thank anyone who responses in advance!!! I don’t
post too often here as I am actually working on bronze sculpture and
I do custom welding and metal spray, but I read most all the posts
here as there is such a terrific knowledge base present and one
never knows what little gem might be picked up. Hope you all are
having a great day and a successful year. If I can ever be of
potential help to anyone on this list, or foo of this list, please
feel free to contact me. I have gotten so much from this list that I
am more than happy to do a bit of a pay back whenever possible.

Best to you all and again, thanks for any thoughts or

john dach

John, I will inquire and get back to you on Friday with results.


I would pose your question to Kate Wolf the wax-wonder. She knows
carving waxes like no one else that I know of. I have always found
her ready willingand able to answer any of my questions on wax and
wax carving.

Hi John,

Why use wax? Why not one of the epoxy fillers? That sort of thing is
what they’re designed for. They’re cheap (relatively) and easily

That’ll let you get your mold, and then nobody ever needs to see
those parts again.


For one, the wax is far faster than epoxies (they need to cure even
the 5 minute ones), wax is far easier to level off, wax is easily
removed if the client so wishes. We have a number of resins but the
wax route just seemed the best rout for this “project”.

Thanks for the thoughts Brian, and any others. I am waiting for
Friday to see what comes. I have been too bust to call K. Wolf, but
should be able to get some time Friday, , we shall see.

Thanks all for any and all thoughts. I will post the outcome when
project is finished.

john dach