What trade magazines you all get?

Hi all,

I just got a free AJM magazine and have purchased Lapidary Journal.
I am pondering on whether to get a subscription and could use some


I am curious what trade magazines you all get and why do you like
the particular one?

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I take; Rock & Gem, because I collect rocks also, Lapidary Journal,
for Rocks and Jewelry, I do not subscribe to Art Jewelry Magazine but
I buy it when it comes out for the Jewelry instruction and ideas, and
this site because it is like a jewelry and tool encyclopedia.


The two magazines you mentioned are excellent. But InStore Magazine
is BEST for running a retail jewelry store, if that’s what you do.

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Here is the list for Metalwerx:

GZ, Schmuck, Metalsmith, Ornament, Lapidary Journal, Craft Report,
American Craft, Sculpture, AJM, Bench Jeweler

I am subscribing to:

JCK, Modern Jeweler

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One of my jobs in our store is to skim all the magazines, so here’s
a rundown. InStore is the very best if you run or work in a retail
store. National Jeweler is a weekly, business and fashion news
publication that has a great daily email news feature. I like the
jewelry making articles in Professional Jeweler, otherwise it and
JCK are similar and more general than InStore. Idex seems mostly
diamond related, but they had some outstanding articles this last
year on colored stone mining and period jewelry. Colored Stone
magazine is my personal favorite to read, and has articles on colored
stone mining, fashion, cutting and design. Gems & Gemology from GIA
is a must if you are interested in gemology or appraising (its
science slanted). The periodical The Guide puts out (Gem Market News)
has market data as well as practical articles that I find valuable,
but you may have to subscribe to the Guide to receive it. We don’t
sell new watches, but we somehow get Cronos, which seems focused on
the very high end. If you are interested in jewelry in fashion or
want to see what your customers are seeing in print, I’d recommend W,
Town & Country, Bazaar, or Vogue. I hope this was helpful!

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I’d also recommend In Style magazine (fashion mag) - they have a
very good jewelry section.

I agree. I frequently look to InStyle for trends and new colors. I
also look at www.fragments.com to watch styles.

If I only read two magazines it would definitely be AJM and InStore.

AJM is a super valuable resource for any size shop and for most of
us tool junkies, it’s a three day read to stay current on the
changing technology! For those of us that dream of laser welders and
rapid prototyping, it’s a glass of warm milk and a cookie.

InStore is by far the most useful trade magazine for the retail
jeweler. The articles are insightful, creative and may give your
store just the edge it needs to get the attention of a new audience
of customers. We fight over who gets to read it first.

If there were only more time in a day…

T Lee
T Lee Fine Designer Jewelry