What to do with a green tree stump

Dear Valentin, You may have seen this posted on Orchid. One of
the members (Geo) suggested I see how you use them in your
studio, and I told him I already did.

Geo said: “The important thing is to get it quickly and coat
the cut ends with paint, varnish or oil to keep it from drying
quickly otherwise it will split. IF one can use a smaller piece
it is best to split the big piece lengthwise while still moist so
that when it dries it will be two pieces half as thick. This is
because any complete log will have the chance of splitting if it
dries wrongly. Once the two pieces are dried they won’t fit back
because of that same drying effect.”

Is there anything else I should do to prepare the log for use? I
assume it has to dry for a while-how long? The piece I brought
home is a little more than a meter tall. Should I cut it into
smaller sections? What do you suggest?