What to charge for wax originals

I have been creating wax originals for my own line for the past ten
years. Recently I have had an offer to sell my designs, or wax
originals to a company and don’t know what to charge for them. Prior
to this, I just received a commission on the sales but want to be
paid for the designs because they become exclusive to them. Can
anyone help me on what I should charge.


Hello Ed; I was the product development director for a large jewelry
manufacturer for about twenty years ending in 2006, I ordered and
authorized payment for thousands of designs. We always paid for
designs seperately from the carvings, and had carvings executed by
several carvers. That way the company’s catalog didn’t look like it
was all done by the same person, which i’m sure we’ve all seen. I
could probably give you a ball park range on what I would have paid
for it but I would have to see some of them. Also is this a one time
deal or are you going to do continuous work for them. i f this is a
one time deal you should charge alittle more.

Any way let me know if I can help…Frankenstein