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What software to use

Hi All, I have been having a great time learning to use my digital
camera and would like to put together a small print catalogue. The
problem is what software would be best. Mine does’t seem to be
working or maybe it’s operator error. I have the software that came
with the camera (Epson 850Z)and Photosuite. What I want to do is
simple, a page or two with images and some text next to it. One big
problem is that each picture I take is a different size and getting
them onto a page with all the images the same size is a problem. I’d
like to be able to just drop images onto a page.
Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Betty

Hi Betty,

If all you need to do is re-size them, sharpen or adjust the
brightness, etc. ThumbsPlus is an excellent tool. If you also need to
do more in depth image editing PaintShop Pro will do much of what the
higher priced packages do and for much less.

I use both of these, usually doing major editing in PSP and saving to
a .tiff, then re-sizing and saving to jpg in ThumbsPlus because it
does that much better than PSP (haven’t tried the latest version yet


Nancy Bernardine-Widmer

What I want to do is simple, a page or two with images and some text
next to it.  

G’day Betty; I am not a computer guru by any means, but I am writing
a little illustrated story book at present and need to do what you
want to do. But I use Paint Shop Pro6, and my word processor is Star
Office! However, all these sort of programs work similarly, and you
will just have to find the items I mention in the menu and the ‘tool
box’ possibly under different names but similar ones.

  1. have your pics ready - do whatever enhancing they need (if you
    know how!! It’s not all that easy) I save mine temporarily on the
    ’desktop’ then slide them into whatever folder or disc I want by
    clicking on the icon and mouse-dragging.

  2. Have them sized by finding ‘resize’ in the menu and sizing by
    percentage of the original. I find if the originals were scanned at,
    say, 300dpi, I divide it roughly by 72:- 300/72 = 4.16 and call that
    1/4 = 25%, so I’d set the resize to 25% which will be close to the
    size of the original photograph. If that isn’t the physical size you
    want, simply go: menu/edit/undo and choose another percentage resize.
    (I use control+Z for undo)

  3. open your word processor, select a new document and use the 'page’
    dialogue box to select all the parameters of the kind of page you

  4. Go to Menu/insert/picture, and from that dialogue box get the
    folder and then the appropriate picture, Click OK and the picture
    will arrive on your ‘page’ You can size it exactly by clicking on it,
    then dragging the bottom corner diagonally out or in. Drag the picture
    to the place you want it.

  5. ‘Select’ the picture by clicking in the centre - or perhaps on one
    edge. Now go to Menu/insert/and find a dialogue box which will allow
    you to set the text ‘wrap’ (all round. top. bottom. left, right,
    none, transparent.)

  6. De select the picture by clicking elsewhere on the page and begin
    typing your text. Don’t forget to ‘save’ frequently!

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I think you’ll have to spend some
practice time playing around with the box controls, they are all
different - but are very similar. I hope you get on OK - let me know,
eh? I KNOW how difficult it all is when you have nobody to show you -
but do WRITE IT ALL DOWN for next time as you’ll have forgotten at
least some of what you did. I managed to handle it - and I’m 79 and
a bit ‘thick’!! Cheers,

– John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

I really like “Lview Pro”.And the version I prefer is shareware
ver.1.D2.You can download it for free at is
particularly good for mass editing photos. Mark Liccini