What software do you use?

Hello everyone, trying to upgrade my software from The Edge as it feels very dated and expensive.

What are some softwares you are using to run your store (POS, Inventory Management, Accounting, Invoices etc)?

Thank you

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We use Shopify and Quickbooks

Thank you! Do you also use it as a in-store POS or just for online/website orders?
How would you rate your experience/10?

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Just online. We’re very happy with Shopify. Quickbooks is just for taxes

I’d say 9/10 for Shopify.

Feel free to ask me any other questions! Also, welcome to the site here.

Any other answers?

I don’t have that much to keep track of. I use multi-tab spreadsheets, Square and airtable…Rob


I set up a small jewelry dealer with Lightspeed. It worked well for them.

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I sell online at Etsy and use purchased spreadsheets (from Paper and Sparks) to keep track of sales, expenses, and inventory for tax purposes. I use Square for retail for my POS and Etsy and Square have an integration feature that makes selling on both quite easy. I only use the free version of Square, but there are a lot of options.


I spoke with some friends who own a small jewelry store with a couple of employees. They said they use AccountEdge for their store’s needs. They said that they had to tweak it a bit to serve their needs as a jewelry store, but that it works well.

They said that it’s less expensive and not as complex as Edge.

Hope that helps a little!



Thank you! Any more?

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