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What size is your makers mark?

A bit off-topic, but since it is about Makers Marks and such, for those that use stamps for their Logo and Quality marks, what size-range do you prefer to stay within for your jewelry (pendants and bracelets vs rings, etc)? Is there too large of a size that tends to deter from the actual piece you make?

If this is too off-topic feel free to delete or I can.

@C3ntury It is related, but I think this is its own topic, so I moved it to a new thread.

15mm x 4mm

I originally created this mark for a written monogram back when I was in college. About ten years ago, I had a branding iron made for woodworking projects, and subsequently a marking stamp for jewelry. (BTW, I ordered my stamp through @RioGrande, and their prices were better than the others I’ve seen in the original topic.)

I use this for just about everything I make, bracelets, rings, pendants, and even tiny charms.

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Hi Alec

Did you resister your trade mark?


This needs to be moved into its own thread, as this has nothing to do with makers marks.

I haven’t. I read the recent thread on that topic, and I’m still not sure if it’s required or not; is it a maker’s mark, or trademark? My mark is a fancy version of my initials, AK.



It’s a maker’s mark, which could become a trademark if it doesn’t infringe on another TM.

Go to the source for TM information.


Did you try searching Google Images with descriptive words?

You probably know most threats of this nature go nowhere legally, but Etsy is easily manipulated.

If this threat should grow, the best defense is complete ignorance of the threat. You should remove the artist’s name and the photo from this thread. The artist should not visit the claimant’s website or leave any trail of awareness of this claim.

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Howdy all - this thread is about the size/location/applications of a makers mark to your finished jewelry pieces. So far so good, but let’s try to keep replies in or around makers mark sizing and locations.

I am going to move @royjohn reply to a new thread as that question is a new topic (stamping your initials vs using a makers mark on jewelry pieces).

Keeping things clean and on topic is good for everyone - it keeps the archive WAY more useful and searchable.