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What size Argon tank do you use for your welder?


For the pulse arc welder users out there, I am curious to know…

what size Argon tank do you use/ prefer, and what is your approximate usage…

ie: daily/ heavy usage, daily medium usage, daily light usage…a few times a week, etc…

thank you in advance for your comments!


40 cuft. I don’t use my welder a lot, so it lasts a long time. I traded a 40 cuft. O2 tank for, so I only had to pay for the gas. Look for a used one on craigslist or marketplace and then turn it in for a refilled cylinder. Good luck…Rob

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ARGON IND SZ 60 C/O ARGON COMPRESSED, 2.2 I pay $31.95 locally from Matheson Tri-Gass,
its a 60CF STEEL TANK I bought for $175.00 We use it weekly, not everyday.

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thank you!

i ended up keeping the smaller 21cuft R tank

i am all good…for now…

on my second refill i was messing with the replacement regulator i received…and the gas settings…i must have bled the tank out

(at the end of the day it was almost empty and I was like “whaaaa?…)


Hi Julie, Funny…we bled our tank out too when we first got it! Carry On! Ursula