What setting style to use?

Hi Jewellers :),

I am donating a set stone (hopefully set) to a local zoo fundraiser
and want to mount it in a pendant setting. I need advice on what
setting style to use (if I can even buy it somewhere). The stone is
in the below design and is very flashy.

My question is what would you use and where can I get it (if that’s
possible)? All I can really think of is something round and modify
the prongs a little if necessary.

Thanks in advance!



If you are not prepared to handmake the setting to fit you may want
to look at Stuller or one of the other findings houses.

Although the stone you are cutting is an octagon shape, Stuller has
a hexagon head that might be usable with some minor alterations. If
you have their findings book #47 there is an example on page 210.

Greg DeMark

One thing you didn’t mention about your project is how big the stone
is. If it’s 6 or 8 mm, that’s easy, if it’s 18 mm, then you have
trouble finding anything readymade that big. There does exist such a
thing as an “Octagon” setting, which is like an emerald cut, but it’s
square, not rectangular. Stuller calls this


a princess cut, but it’s actually octagon. Or a round setting would
do. I have never seen a setting made for that shape stone - it’s
pretty odd.


Any four prong head will work…measure diagonally and order most