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What materials can i use for fingerprint molding kits?


I’m trying to make a fingerprint necklace for me and my daughter, and i’m new to jewelry making.
I need to know what is the material of this mold used in the picture (attached) . Any idea?

Thank you.

See your dentist for an impression of your fingerprint or use inlay wax. Carve a smooth shallow recess in fine grained wood, lube liberally with oil or Vaseline, soften wax, press into the recess, press with clean wet finger. Invest and cast!

Red cheese wax (Gouda) Plus some beeswax more red than bees

You can use metal clay. The bronze has a beautiful patina.

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If I were new to all of this, I would definitely go the metal clay route. Did you find a workable solution for your project? I would love to see.