What kind of stone it this guy selling?

Hello, Had a client buy a gem from this website, and wondering if
anyone has heard of this, and the process he claims.


Called Russian Jewels,with a DLC coating to protect stones(???)
Thomas Blair


Cynic that I am, I read this guy’s description with a grain of salt
(change that to ‘a PILE of salt’) He uses lots of ‘weasel words.’ >
Called Russian Jewels,with a DLC coating to protect stones(???) >

Created including the use of elemental carbon, these stones far
surpass Moissanite, standard CZ stones and all other Simulated
diamonds <snip.> 

They ‘surpass standard CZ’ MIGHT mean that they’re ‘non-standard

most convincing diamond clone yet! 

IF they’re a ‘clone,’ they ARE diamond. (And I’m sure that they’re
NOT.) He is using the word very loosely.

The G.I.A has a diamond awareness program due in part to these
magnificent stones. 

The G.I.A. has a BUNCH of ‘programs’ which deal with a great variety
of synthetics, treatments, and simulants. The programs are also due
‘in part’ to moon rocks, meteorites from Mars, etc. They’re a
RESEARCH organization, for goodness sakes! He hasn’t said ANYTHING
about HIS stones here.

Created with the additive of elemental carbon and a tough
diamond-like coating. (DLC) 

This could apply to any number of surface coatings which are used to
enhance durability…who knows?

Limited Lifetime guarantee that your stone will NEVER fade or
change color.  Most other simulants cannot back a guarantee like
that up!! 

Humbug! MOST simulants don’t ever change color.

Disclaimer: I am not impugning this person’s HONESTY. Most
everything he says is true in context, and he mostly only IMPLIES
things that I dis-believe.

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Since carbon is an element, I wonder what ‘elemental carbon’ is?