What is your favorite work chair?

I’m looking to replace a very uncomfortable, cheap chair that I use
as my work chair in the studio. I use it for many hours per day, and
it’s a terrible chair. I’m looking for some specific recommendations
on what you folks think is the best chair on the market for long
days in the studio.

I spent a lot of time looking for a bench chair. The chairs Otto
Frei sells are pretty good.

But I wound up buying a chair that has a much larger height range
than what is standard. I needed a chair that would adjust from normal
desk height up to countertop height, around 37 inches.

It was expensive, but well worth it for me.

The name of the chair is Safco Task Master Deluxe Industrial
Chair/Drafting Stool. They make a few models, but this is the one
that has the wide height range.

These chairs are sold by numerous retailers. I bought mine at
cymax.com. The product link is:

I also purchased and installed a couple of extra footrests.

Not for everyone due to the price point, but I am very happy with


Thanks for the reply. Is the chair comfortable and well-padded, or do
you mostly like the fact that it adjusts to high levels?

The main beef I have with my current chair is that the padding is so
cheap that it feels like I’m sitting on cement after a half hour or

Dear John

I was at a conference in 2000. They had a chair called a brombeck. It
was shaped like a saddle. I sat in it and for the briefest moment my
chronic back said “AH!” I have lost the paper work, but would
definitely google the name. Now my dentist has one, and is planning
on replacing all their chairs with it because he rolls his chair from
room to room. Hope you find what you need. blessings pat

I love my Bungee chair - check out this link

I have had my chair for 4 years now and it has “supported” me for
many pleasurable hours of jewelry creation.

Andrea Krause

The chair is very well built, with all the adjustments you could
want. I would not say the seat and backrest are soft. It really is an
industrial bench chair, meant for long hours of ergonomically correct

The vinyl feels very thick, high quality, resistant to spills, with
just the right amount of padding for me.

The seat is extra wide. You can get arm rests, but for working at a
bench pin I decided against them.

I got casters that only roll when you are sitting in the chair, so
the chair doesn’t fly around the room when you are not in it. Someone
else mentioned preferring no casters. This would be personal
preference. I needed to roll back and forth between 2 benches facing
each other.

The Task Master line has many options and price points. You can get
just about anything you want, but like I say the line is more
industrial than office.

Hope this helps,

I use a comfy office chair that I built up about four inches and can
be height-adjusted.

Jeff Herman

Some of these topics, I swear. The one I sit in, for crying out loud.

Best regards,

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is my personal favorite.

I looked for a long time a few years ago - my parameters were- mesh
back, leather seat, so it breathes (and looks better than synthetic
if you drop hot works on it), armrests, adjustable neck and lumbar
support. Adjustable in height, rolls on 5 casters, @ $200. Found just
what I was looking for, I’m sorry I don’t remember model name, but am
very happy with chair, quality and customer service. Check out
Welcome OfficeFurniture.com |NBF - they also carry collapsible
loading dollies for shows if anyone’s looking.

Sam Kaffine

not affiliated, just very happy with them. Mom bought same, loves
hers too.

Jewellers are horrified at my chair. It is a very old office chair.

Adjustable height but very low and on casters.

It is very hard with no real padding.

I sit on my buttocks with my thighs straight and my feet on the
floor, my back upright and have done so for 40 years.

My bench pin is at about nose height. My saw V is lower and to the
left and my soldering area at a different height to the right.

Also my polishing motor at another height. All carefully chosen.

I have never had back problems caused by my jewellery work.

I am 71, I am thin and stand straight.

Planning heights and sequences of work and positions in the workshop
is vital, as some of my younger plump hunchback jeweller friends are
finding as they visit various back quacks.

David Cruickshank (Australia)

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is my personal favorite. 

I will second and third this one. Yes it is an expensive chair, but
full support, fully adjustable and the one I have reaching 17 years
old now. I never get tired in this chair.

Look on craigslist for deals on this chair.


My favorite is my Salli “saddle chair” Yes, just like sitting in the

Sitting position designed for minimal pressure on the spine.

I can sit for hours.

Got mine in Bangkok, at a fair for dentistry equipment,

Herman Miller Aeron chair is the best. Gets my vote every time. None
better. Pays for itself many times over. Ruth Mary