What is trunk show?

Man… I know I’m going to sound dumb, having exibited at Tuscon and
all ,but what is a trunk show?..Hans

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Hans, the term "trunk show’ comes from the fashion clothing
business. In the strictist sense, it’s a special showing of a
designer’s newest work, with the designer (or a representative) in
attendance to meet and greet the customers. The clothes samples are
viewed in an informal setting (literally “out of the trunk”). It is
an excellent sales tool where the designer can provide the personal
touch and educate his/her clientele, and, just as importantly, get
their feedback as well. Department stores and individual boutiques
which carry the designer’s line will schedule these events on an
invitation or appointment basis for their best clients. Especially in
the case of clothing, they schedule trunk shows weeks, if not months,
ahead of the planned seasonal delivery. Orders are taken (at full
retail) for future delivery. It is also a way for the stores to test
the waters with a new or unknown designer without having to commit to
an order and display space. Designers can certainly do their own
trunk shows, too , with their own customer lists - perhaps renting a
room or suite at a swank hotel. The trunk show provides that
personal, direct connection between designer and customer. There is a
certain customer who absolutely must have the first look and be ahead
of the pack to acquire the newest thing There is a story about this
very subject in one of the major fashion magazines on the stands
right now - and, of course, at the moment I can’t remember which - I
think Vogue or Elle…(?)

In the broader sense, “trunk show” equals “personal appearance” or
P.A. by the designer/artist, who (usually) presents a special
collection of merchandise…

Margery Epstein

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A trunk show for me is when I show up with a much larger selection
of my work than one of my stores would normally be able to carry on
it’s own. The artist (or I guess it could be a representative) is
there to chat with customers and talk about thier work. I have done
them when in town on vacation or for another show nearby. The success
of the trunk shows tends to depend on how the advertising the shop
owner does or you do if you have a mailing list in the area.


Hello Hans: What is a trunk show? It is when a designer or vender
comes to your store with many items from their line and stays the
day. Usually they come for a day and you display their items in a
case or two after you have advertised the event for a couple weeks.
It is a way you can have many items from one designer without having
bought them. You will usually get a cut of all that is sold but it
won’t be the regular markup. The store I work for does about 3 a
year. We will have Leslie Greene at our store next month and a
diamond vendor after that.

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA