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What is this tool?

I have no idea where I got this (Foredom kit? Dremel kit?). I use it to grind little nicks in the edge of silver. It is fairly aggressive. It used to be a knife edge disc about 3/4" wide. It has about a 1/4" shaft. You see I have ground away most of it. It is a rough surface - I thought it was pumice, but maybe aluminum oxide. The real question is where can I get another one?!


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Looks like a small fine grinding wheel. I think that I have one too that arrived with my last flexshaft. I use flexshaft mounted rubber abrasive wheels to clean up dings and dents. They work well for this purpose…Rob

I found many of them in my assortment of “Dremel Tools”, but they come in a larger rotary shaft, of 3/8" not the ones we use in our 3/16" handpieces. I have both sizes of handpieces now. Gerry!

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I have 1/8" shaft Dremel tools that look like that. Various places sell a small variety of Dremel bits, and there is always Amazon of course. (I tried searching Amazon but they do not like the updated VPN I’m using and refused to connect.) Many hardware stores, department stores, hobby stores and craft shops will carry some Dremel tool attachments. Harbor Freight sells a small kit for $6.99:

Neil A

I found it on the Foredom site. It is a Ceramcut Blue Stone. YEAH! I ordered a couple. Thanks everyone.


I just ordered Craytex rubberized abrasives … and nearly had a heart attack about how expensive they have become.

If you haven’t discovered a marvelous resource called American Science and Surplus, check them out! Especially their 100 pc Rotary Accessory Kit - 100 Piece Rotary Accessory Set They have all sorts of odds and ends that you’ll find many uses for. They’re at and the have a deliciously tongue-in-cheek way of describing their stock that belies the value of some (not all) of their offerings.


That site is a hoot! I spent a good time looking at everything and chuckling over their descriptions. Thanks!

Did you measure the shaft? Looks more like 1/8”. What would you guess the original diameter of the stone?
There are many similar mounted stones used in dental lab technology.
Probably also found where Drexel accessories are sold or online

Thank you so much for the good suggestion!! :wink: