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What is this style of chain link called?

Hello orchid. Does anyone know what this style of chain links (pictured below) is called? The closest I’ve been able to find is “peanut chain” but that’s not quite it. Thanks in advance if you can assist.

Hi , This style of chain is called crinkle. I have the machine that makes this style.

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Thank you @wiegems! That is helpful to know the name! I really love it. Such a delicate and beautiful chain style.

Hi Leah - I found this from Rio (krinkle chain aka peanut chain)



Robert, will you tell me a little about your machine that makes these links? Thanks

Thanks @Merry_Mary. That’s a really handy chart!

Hi Leigh,

The machine is an antique from the late 1800’s, and is a Nickerson machine. It feeds wire through a straightener, then through a set of dies that measure and feed it to a cutter where it then goes to the die and the links are formed and threaded. The finished chain is then fed down through the center of the machine and on to a coiler. The picture below is of a similar machine, just the die mandrel and forming jaws are changed depending on the shape as long as the wire diameter is the same, else the feed dies need changed as well. I hope that sort of answers your question. I have 4 machines total the others are tooled for cable chain and the other is of course the crinkle machine that is a form of fancy cable chain.



Thanks for the great information and photo; what an amazing machine.


Wow. @wiegems, that is a truly amazing machine. Thanks for sharing the picture! How many millimeters are the links that it makes?

Robert Weigand- Do you know Philip Poirier?
If not, you should. Brothers from different mothers.

Hi Jo , Never met Phil but I sure know of him ! BTW Sorry for such a late reply.