What is this finish?

What is this finished called and how would you replicate it?


I am a total noob amateur, but I’ve been able to get something similar by hammering silver against my driveway. Maybe stone?


It’s been along time since I’ve hammered metal into rocks, asphalt. It’s cathartic and often makes fun textures.

As far as this texture goes, my guess is that this is a cast ring out of high karat gold and that the texture was added to wax somehow, then it was sandblasted after that. That’s a total guess though. It’s hard to tell from the picture.



The high karat gold non-polished finishes really look incredible to me.


I agree with Jeff on this, though to me it honestly looks like a Ring that was Cast, the Sprue Cut Off and then the Stone Mounted and then it was done - you can see where the Stone was Mounted into the Bezel, the Rim is the only area that isn’t Textured… You can get some truly lovely Surface Textures from Casting, most especially with High Karat Gold and sometimes with Fine Silver, but most Jewellers simply Polish them all off without even thinking about it…

I believe that I have gotten a somewhat similar Texture, what I have always called a “Rocky Finish”, with a Mizzy Wheel (Mizzy Heatless Wheels), moving it across the surface with just very light touches… Then just a Light Buffing with a Soft Bristle Brush to take some of the Sharpness off… Mizzy Wheels are pretty inexpensive, so I would order some and give them a try…

In my early years as a Jeweller in East Tennessee (Late 1980’s), Gold Nugget Jewellery was very popular and customers would bring in Scrap Gold and we would handmake “Splash” Pendants (Nugget Pendants) for them and I would usually Texture a few of the “Nuggets” with the Mizzy Wheel to give them some added Texture and Depth… Oftentimes, we would Mount Diamonds & Gemstones into them as well, I probably Made over (400) of them in just a (2-3) year time period… (shaking my head)



i am thinking…that the metal being high karat gold, and very malleable, influences the result (of yhe method used…?$



Thank you for sharing that experience. The high karat gold does seem to offer a huge range of finishes that something like sterling silver wouldn’t be able to pull off and look high end.


I use an old sad iron that has raised letters on top to texture wax or metal which ends up looking like that.


I’m pretty sure she achieves that finish by hammering with a very old, presumably pitted hammer. I read it in one of her descriptions. I believe all her work is hand fabricated


Thank yiu