What is the role of design?

Hi came across this:

A piece of jewellery should be a symbol of love. It should enhance
and move with the body so that it blends with you. It must not
overwhelm, but enhance you. This is why it must be timeless. It
shouldn't matter if you are 17 or 87 years old.

Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube (She liked to be called Torun)

Torun’s designs have become legendary and are exhibited at several
museums worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

For me a piece is successful if it enraptures the client. Even if it
is only my take on a mobius ring, I use oval 4 by 2.2 mm wire for
mine. The oval profile gives the ring sinuosity and brings out the
quality of sterling. Or if it is one of my one off cocktail rings.
One off because I get bored and play and next time vary my design.
Boredom makes my best pieces. I can only make so many production
pieces, bezel set solitaires usually, before imagination over takes
discipline/need for cash. This is why I make reticulated bangles,
that ring worked and looked like sh*t, fuse, hammer and reticulate.
Bashing the crap out of my failures into a bangle is good for my
soul and saves sending lemel to the bullion dealer. The idea of
getting back half of what I paid for the silver does not excite me.
Scottish ancestry I suppose.

For me a cocktail ring is for fun. I use big (e. g. 12 mm round)
swarovski CZs and lab grown sapphires and rubies. And as we know how
cocktail parties can end, it is no great expense only sadness if it
gets lost in the mayhem.

So here is the challenge I’ll show you mine, now you show me yours,
cocktails that is, still can’t take decent photos. Working on that

OK Use a blender/food processor high grade/heavy duty.

Dice fresh mangos, add Bacardi white rum, Absolute vodka, a liquore
like Benedictine, Cointreau or if a full moon perhaps Strega. Add
sugar and ice (ice is why you need a good blender) mix. Then add
Champagne and give a little stir, not enough to flatten the
Champagne. Pour into golden demerara sugar rimmed cocktail glasses.
Add a fresh strawberry soaked in a different liquore, dipped in
chocolate, preferable Belgian dark and wrapped in food grade gold
leaf (the jewellery part) on a little umbrella or swizzle stick and
serve. Never use a swizzle stick for its intended purpose, i. e.
de-bubbling Champagne, some American inventions are crimes against
the universe.

The fun part is trial running the ratios of the different liquores,
the Champagne is to give the fizz.

Have fun and flash those cocktail rings! And ladies keep your hands
off the chauffeur while he is driving! Richard aka Wykyd especially
when mixing cocktails.