What is the name of this Spring Clasp

I have searched extensively for this type of clasp. I’d like to try to replicate as a casting. Hopefully I can buy one to make the initial mold.
What is it called “type”?
Any idea where I can buy one in silver?
Regards RLW

It looks like a foldover clasp, but your pictures don’t show the mechanism when closed.Try front and back closed and side views as well.

This seems to be a snap hook. It works similarly to a carabiner. Here is such a snap hook designed for the cargo industry.

FWIW, the working parts of catches ought to be constructed, not cast. The spring and other working bits could be inserted into a cast shell, as one might do with a ball clasp.

@judyh I’m attaching picture that should clear up how it operates. It really is three parts, one at each of the bracelet and the third a spring loaded box that connects them when inserted. I’ve put a pick in the box to hold the spring loaded part open.

The clasp you picture should not be hard to reproduce in whatever size you wish, yourself in Sterling.
You could saw out the two parts from a piece of Sterling stock, and then solder on the tubing for the hinge, leaving enough space in the center for the coil spring…
Once you have made your own clasp, then molding the two parts, plus the stirrup ends for the bracelet, and casting it would not be stealing someone else’s work
The spring is a simple coil spring, which actually you could also create yourself from steel spring wire, but I think you can find small premanufactured coil springs similar to that.

@ringdoctor thanks for your input. However I lack the materials for fabrication also don’t have a rolling mill. I just love; Wax - Casting - and finishing. As a hobbyist a rolling mill and necessary fab materials are a BIG investment and no club close to me. Remember only been at this hobby for 13 years and at 74 it looks like a huge investment for a second place love.

I would never replicate anything protected by law I believe in honoring the creative talent when it is protected. I’m also NOT trying to open the subject up for discussion since it takes place in plenty of other areas by intent

I have thought about simply carving the two box parts and one of the stirrup ends without the decorative component.

THANKS for your insight
Regards RLW

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