What is the minimum thickness for a hinge pin in a hinged enhancer bail


I would like some advice…what is the minimum thickness for a hinge pin in a hinged enhancer bail?

currently, the hinge area for my hinged enhancer bail is approximately 2.0mm.
(I can make the area bigger if recommended…)
(i purchase a few hinged enhancer bails as samples for measurements and to test the opening size…)

what would be the minimum…or rather, the recommended thickness for a hinge pin for this bail?

any advice would be greatly appreciated…


I’d go with 0.7mm in gold. In platinum you could go down to 0.5mm.
Enhancers don’t get put on and taken off so often that the hinges get a real workout, like those on bracelets and necklaces.

Hi Elliot,

Thank you! What do you recommend for sterling silver?
(sorry, i forgot to mention that)


0.7mm is fine for sterling as well.

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Hi Elliot,
ok, great, thank you…i was hoping .07 mm would be workable…

not too big… not too small

i am working it in CAD…for now…i am having to “build in” the .02 to .03mm on each dimension, that i will lose in clean up…it is mind bending when everything is so small, yet looks so big on the screen!..

(not the pin or hole though, i will do that after casting and clean up…)

i will fabricate a hinged bail next…I bought 6 different styles to test… on pearls, big chain, etc…working out dimensions with them…