What is side cutter?

I am embarrased to say, I don’t know what a side cutter is.
Explanation, please Thanks,

Please dont feel embarrased, Side Cutters are often called A pair
of Dikes the only difference is that one cuts from the side… I use
my side cutters for sizing stock or cutting rings off of spures …

You can find sidecutters here

You can find instructions on making earring posts here


Shael - He means an old, worn-out pair of side cutting pliers ( wire
cutters )- as opposed to end-cutting pliers - you know - the things
that are always skittering around on the farthest side of the toolbox
when you need them.


Hi Shael,

  I am embarrased to say, I don't know what a side cutter is.
Explanation, please  

What’s to be embarrassed about? You probably know it by some other
name that the rest of us aren’t familiar with.

A ‘side cutter’ is just a basic diagonal cutting wire cutter. Both
jaws are vee shaped, so the resulting cut is not square on either
side. This is in contrast to a flush cutter, which leaves 1 side of
the cut square & the other side not.

In the electronics trade a ‘side cutter’ is often called a ‘dikes’,
for the diagonal shape it leaves on the ends of the cut wire.