What is peruvian opal?

There are a lot of references to peruvian opal. Just what is this stone?
Is it a true opal, or an opalized form of something else? I am unable to
find any references to it in my jem books. thanks - Alma

Peruvian opal is a form of common opal, for image of pink opal follow
http://www.ernestcreations.com/cgi-bin/displayphoto.cfm?SKU=PO&Type=RGH I
also have a small quantity of the blue and I will be happy to email you a
image of this material if you would like, I do not presently have it
listed on the site. I have been a major supplier of all kinds of Opal for
about 15 year, let me know if you have any further questions.

Ernie Phelps