What is Padparadscha?

 Hi All, I have a client who is looking for a gemstone called
Padparadsha. She says it comes from India and is the color of
Orange. She wants an 8 mm Trillian cut. Anyone out there familiar
with it? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Mary Ann Archer 

Hey–though I don’t know much about the craft, here is a question I
actually know the answer to!! This link from Palagems.com will
explain what Padparadscha is better than I can, but I do know that
it is a gorgeous pinkish orange SapphiRe:


I have seen quite a few auctions on eBay for what people are saying
is Padparadscha, but they all close at prices quite a bit higher
than my husband would ever let me spend on one stone (except maybe a
diamond, but even then I can guarantee any diamond I could ever
afford will be very low grade). I have bought quite a few stones on
eBay and given them to people as Christmas presents or what have
you, but other than them having major inclusions, fractures,or other
noticeable defects, for all I know they could just be colored glass
or mislabeled stones being passed off as something they aren’t. So
maybe someone else out there who is into gems and has purchased on
eBay will be able to recommend some reputable eBay sellers to you. I
know there are quite a few online businesses that sell gems as well;
all you have to do is type in the keyword of whatever you are
looking for (Padparadscha, Sapphire, Jewelry Findings, Gems, etc.)
and do a search using the search engine of your choice–I use
Google–and I am sure you will find more info or sellers than you
know what to do with.

Good luck,

Hi there, I am a seller of gemstones on eBay, as well as an opal
cutter. I frequently have access to nice Padparadscha sapphires
from Sri Lanka, and occasionally I am able to offer rough sapphire
in the Padparadscha color.

Usually, the material has been heated, and our pricing will reflect
that. There is also a small range of shades which will qualify for
the “lotus” description, and the slightly pinker or more orange
shades are also a bit less expensive.

Of course, the unheated, perfect peachy color is very expensive, but
we can often offer fine stones within the Padparadscha color range
for “reasonable” prices. Usually our stones are accompanied by a
certificate from an independent gemological lab.

I trade on eBay as “arthursonn”, my seller ID, and I invite you to
look at my offerings from time to time, and drop me a line with any
specific requests. We can cut to order as well.

Best Regards,
Mike Kelley
arthursonn on eBay