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What is OR 14K

Can someone tell me what OR 14K is? Is it pure, plated or something else all together? For the price it seems a little too inexpensive to be put 14K.

This is from Google:

Pure gold is 24 karat , and 14 karat gold refers to an alloy of gold that contains at least 58.3% pure gold by weight. The balance is made up of other metals to give it strength. Gold is often alloyed with copper, silver, and zinc. Copper is ductile and hard, but tends to tint the alloy pink and is prone to oxidizing.

24 K or pure or elemental gold is the gold in the daily spot prices. The base price of 14 K gold is approximately 58.3% of that. Over simplified I suppose. But it is clearly stated.

Don Meixner

Thank you Don. I was actually referring to the OR14K stamp on a piece of jewelry and wondering if it meant it was plated or something along those lines, or if it is in fact solid 14K gold. Was trying to upload a picture of it but having trouble doing it.

It might be an OroAmerica Inc. trademark. They mass produced mostly 14k jewelry.

I know it’s most likely too late but in case you still care,
“OR” means gold in french. So, 14k gold
Hope it helps


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