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What is Nano Coat?

Hi everyone,

I am working with a vendor overseas who is offering me an
anti-tarnish coating for Sterling Silver called “Nano Coat”. I am
familiar with Rhodium, “E” Coat, fine silver flash plate, lacquers,
and various others. Each option comes with pros and cons regarding
how the coating holds up over time, and what you have to work around
if you need to repair or clean the piece. My vendor contact is a
superb sales person, but does not have the greatest technical
knowledge, or advanced vocabulary for jewelry terminology in English
(bless him!, I cant speak anything BUT English, and not especially
well! ), so I am not getting the info I need.

The samples that he has sent are relatively Sterling normal in
color. They are not dark grey and shiny like Rhodium, and they are
not white like any of the fine silver processes. If anything, the
samples are very slightly yellow, but not from tarnish…hard to

Does anyone out there know anything about this coating? What exactly
is is made of? Nylon? Polyester? Fairy Dust? Cheese? What are the
pros and cons…etc…???


Have you tryed Brownpolymer it also works on sterling silver. It
hard to tell whats in acompound unless they have a MSDS sheet and
then if it has a Trade secret it still won;t be shown. Brownpolymer
doesn’t change the color but stops the corrsion.