What is Gold deox alloy

Dear Frank, Was the gold deox alloy? Some deox gold alloys don’t
fabricate as well as the non deox golds. By remelting the gold you
burn more and more of the deox off the content. This leaves more of
the proper gold and alloy to form. For most fabrication success you
are best off ordering gold with the old Handy Harmon formula for
alloying. This is usually sold as sheet and not shot or casting grain.

TR the Teacher & Student

I have used the same alloy for fabrication and have made tons of wire
and sheet without this problem,but have always rolled the ingots to
make sheet or before going to the draw plate. It seems going from the
ingot to the draw plate after rolling first is the solution but still
doesn’t give me an answer to why going directly from the ingot mold to
the draw plate creates a problem. Frank