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What is gallery wire


Rhoda, Gallery wire is actually a type of bezel for cab setting. It
usually has ornate patterns as opposed to straight, scalloped, or
sawtooth edges. Laney

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Gallery wire is a decorative wire (also can be used for bezel wire if
you are couragous) Has ornate patterns that may look like ornate
carvings seen on wood gallery spindles. Hard to describe without
pictures! I use it alot for decorative stuff.Look in RIO catalog for pics. Suzanne


Hi Rhoda Gallery Wire is a really fancy bezel wire, I like to think
of it as silver lace. You can see it on :
They are really great guys, George is really helpful, but doesn’t
like computers so you have to talk to him on the phone. 505 598
5322. They only have an on line catalog. Hope this helps Susan Chastain


Gallery wire is a fancy type of bezel wire. It has a rolled on
pattern and prongs along the side. It can be used as a decorative

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