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What is flouron?

-what is flouron (can you give the chemical make up if possible:if it
it’s a brand name,it may not be available in Western Australia); -can
you granulate gold onto silver sheet (the notes imply you can, so are
there any special tricks, considering the very different melting
points of the two metals)?

I look forward to your reply.

Hi; you wanted to know what fluoron is. Fluoron is the German trade
name for a liquid flux, available in salt form as crystals, where you
add distilled water, or as ready mixed liquid. I used to use it fro
all kinds of soldering, but switched now to a borax cone. The best I
can do for formula is that it is a mix of calcium fluorite, phosphates
and borate. It is pale yellow in colour and as liquid as water. The
closest equivalent I found in Canada is a flux called “Battens”. I
believe Gesswein (US supplier) carries it. I can’t answer your question
if you can granulate gold granules onto a silver surface with
certainty, but I quite doubt it. The difference in the melting
points would be too high. I assume, however, that you are trying to
find some adhesive for granulation. The best I found (gold on gold)
was a weak tragacanth solution (tragacanth is uncured rubber in powder
form mixed with water) mixed with a bit of liquid flux. Talk to
enamelists; they use something like tragacanth to adhere enamel
powders to the surface. Hope this helps. Good luck.