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What is "delux gold" and "delux silver"?

I hope I’m doing this the right way since I’ve never posted to the
group before.

I have a question and hope someone can answer this.

What is “delux gold” and “delux silver”?


   What is "delux gold" and "delux silver"? 


I think you need to be more specific as to where you saw this?

What is "delux gold" and "delux silver"? 

I suspect that this was a reference to de ox alloys. Alloys of
silver or gold that oxidize little or not at all.

Bruce D. Holmgrain
JA Certified Master Benchjeweler, CAD/CAM Services

I think you need to be more specific as to where you saw this? 

Well, I was looking for rosary parts since I had someone commission
a rosary. It was in relation to their parts and when I asked them
exactly what the metal was they could not answer me except to say it
was not sterling or gold. Obviously,… :wink: So, since I’ve never
heard the term I was wondering what it could be.

Thanks. Sylvia

What is "delux gold" and "delux silver"? 

Out of curiosity, I went to the lowest common denominator (aka eBay)
and searched on both terms. There is at least one seller who uses
that in their auction titles. In the description, the item is
described as gold or silver plated.


The thing that comes to my mind is some uneducated person describing
deox gold and deox silver. I do use that term all the time in
manufacturing. Maybe someone did not hear what was being described to
them very clearly. If fact on my spell check, delux comes up for deox
every time.

I’d pay two cents for that!

Best regards,
Todd Hawkinson

Well here is a link to one of the sites. I found other sites with
only the parts themselves offered but it says Deluxe gold or deluxe
silver. Hmmm.? I thought perhaps it was just a heavily gold plated
piece. I asked them what it was but they had no clue so I told them
I’d let them know if I came up with anything.

Here’s a link to the page.

I hope it’s okay to put that in here.

Thanks ! Sylvia :slight_smile: